Regenbogenpräludium @ Bode Galerie
Woo Jong-taek @ Bode Galerie in Kooperation mit Kimreeaa Gallery Seoul
Jochen Pankrath - Baumverwandtschaften II @ Bode Galerie
Elvira Bach @ Bode Galerie
Woo Jong Taek @ Bode Galerie
Ottmar Hoerl @ Bode Galerie 02
Harry Meyer - Kinesis @ Bode Galerie IV
Donata Benker - The familiar in the unknown
Harry Meyer x Jong-Taek Woo @ Bode Galerie
Dietrich Klinge - Hands
Christiane Erdmann und Wulf Winckelmann 2020
Max Ackermann Early Works4
Jochen Pankrath - Abstrakte Philosophen
Cony Theis - Over the ocean
Harry Meyer - Bäume 2018
Georg Baselitz - Prints and Works on paper, 2017
Peter Gaymann @ Bode Galerie II
Wolfgang G. Bühler @ Bode Galerie VIII
Woo Jong Taek @ Bode Galerie I
Kwak Hoon @ Bode Galerie VII
Dietrich Klinge @ Bode Galerie IV

Welcome to Bode Gallery!

Since 1984 the Bode Galerie has been passionately conveying artistic positions which are distinguished by their timeless and unique formal language and thus provide decisive impulses within contemporary and classical art. As a further focal point alongside its national and international gallery activities, the gallery focuses on the presentation of German avant-gardists and thus sheds light on the beginnings of German modernism.

Since 2007, the gallery is also present with a branch in Daegu / South Korea in addition to our premises in Nuremberg. Our branch in South Korea offers the artists represented by us a suitable platform for a sustainable mediation of the respective concepts in the East Asian region. Through the mutual presentation of German and South Korean artists, the gallery forms a kind of bridge between two cultural areas and invites to a multifaceted discourse.  

Bode Galerie & Edition GmbH is a member of
Bundesverband Deutscher Galerien und Kunsthändler BVDG
(Association of German Galleries and Editions).

Galerie & Edition Bode GmbH
Lorenzer Straße 2
90402 Nuremberg
Bode Galerie Korea Ltd.
B102, Palgong-ro 227
Donggu, 41028 Daegu