Harry Meyer - Stilles Leben

Bode Galerie & Edition
The catalog raisonné Stilles Leben by Harry Meyer provides an overview of the paintings from 2009 to 2013. This catalog was published on the occasion of the art award of the Augsburg district, for the exhibition in the Schwäbische Galerie in the Oberschönenfeld Folklore Museum, 2013.

Author(s): Dr. Christian Bauer, Prof. Bettina van Haaren, Brigitte Herpich M.A., Antonia Lindner M.A., Herbert Maier, Konrad Oberländer, Martin Schneider, Yolanda Tabanera and Dr. Franz Träger.
Publisher / year: Bode Galerie & Edition, 2013
Format / cover: hardcover, 30 x 22.5 cm
Language: German
72 pages, 34 color illustrations and 23 b / w illustrations
Catchwords: painting, oil on linen
ISBN: 9783943800029

€ 20.00